Industry Trends: Coronavirus—Stay the Course

Industry Trends: Coronavirus—Stay the Course

COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines as businesses begin to emerge from the day-by-day challenges of the last few months and try to stabilize and attempt to envision what a post-pandemic business ultimately looks like. Having a disciplined, clearly communicated return to work strategy and addressing employee needs will be critical to keeping your employees healthy, happy, and productive—imperative for a business to recover from this unprecedented historical downturn.

There is hope as we now signs of growth in our economy and jobs. However, this pandemic has created a new world, where many people — especially those with chronic conditions — no longer feel comfortable going very far from home. In this new normal, healthcare access is more important than ever; diseases like diabetes and hypertension haven’t gone away in deference to coronavirus. To ensure access to care in a time when typical doctor visits aren’t as readily available, providing virtual care is extremely important.

When employees have access to services like primary care, wellness coaching, and behavioral health, they can receive necessary care from home and reduce the burden on our bricks and mortar health system—while staying healthier and more productive. Another element is the important access to healthy food and nutrition in particular for those who have conditions (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol) that rely on access to fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, and other items that are necessary to manage a healthy diet to better manage their condition. The fear of contraction in grocery stores and other retail facilities has created a deterioration of health conditions. Access to online delivery of fresh food to certain populations has become an important necessity and one that employers are looking for assistance with their ‘at risk’ employees and their families to maintain good health.

Aside from emphasizing the importance of healthcare, it’s also a good idea to focus on overall health in the workplace. Continue communicating to your employees that they should stay home if they feel sick and check in (virtually) with their primary care provider if they develop any concerning symptoms. To battle those uncertainties, ensure your employees are able to maintain good hygiene by creating a work environment that promotes personal hygiene. The idea of placing hand sanitizer strategically and abundantly throughout a workplace is imperative. Not only do people use it, but it also serves as a reminder to wash hands frequently. Cleaning surfaces including doorknobs, faucets, and sink handles frequently also helps reduce spread.

If you have not done so already, make sure you are reviewing our return to work strategies available to clients on our Coronavirus Advisory Hub.

As we head into the summer, please remember just implementing one of these strategies won’t be enough. But when addressed together and executed appropriately with high-quality partners, like Kistler Tiffany Benefits/OneDigital, they work.