Time to Review Your Inclement Weather Policy

Time to Review Your Inclement Weather Policy

Now is the time to review your inclement weather policy. Dare I say the dreaded “S” word…SNOW.  Some considerations include:

  • Who is responsible for making the decision to close?
  • How will employees be notified of the closure?
  • How will you handle pay and does it comply with federal, state and local law?

Non-exempt employees do not need to be paid if they miss a full day of work due to a company closure or inclement weather.  If they report to work and the company closes, they need to be paid for the time they worked.

Exempt employees must receive their full salary if the company closes, provided the employee works any portion of the same workweek.  If the company remains open and exempt employees aren’t able to make it to work, employers can make salary reductions for absences of one or more full days.  However, they cannot do so for a partial day’s absence.  If the exempt employee works any portion of the day, he/she must be paid for the full day.  However, if business is open and the exempt employee can’t get to work. employers may require them to use accrued leave for this time.

Employers must compensate workers for waiting time.  For example, in the event of a power outage, employees who are required to be at work to wait for the power to come back on must be paid for their waiting time.  Also, employers may be required to pay an employee for on call time if he/she is required to remain on call at the employer’s work site or nearby.