Annual EEO-1 Report Deadline Postponed

Annual EEO-1 Report Deadline Postponed

For the last several decades, all private employers with 100 or more employees as well as federal contractors and first-tier subcontractors with 50 or more employees AND contracts of at least $50,000 have been obligated to complete and file the EEO-1 report each year by September 30th.

However, this year the annual EEO-1 report will not be due until March 31, 2018.  The report is expected to require that covered employers now provide compensation data and hours worked in addition to previously required employee demographic data.  Here is a link to a sample of the new EEO-1 report.

The change to the EEO-1 report was implemented when the Obama Administration was in effect so many are waiting to see if any further changes will be forthcoming with the new Trump Administration.

VETS 4212 Report Still Due September 30, 2017

The 2017 filing season for the VETS-4212 started on August 1, 2017 and ends on September 30, 2017.  All nonexempt Federal contractors and subcontractors with a contract or subcontract in the amount of $150,000 or more with any department or agency of the United States for the procurement of personal property or non-personal services must file a VETS-4212 report.  For answers to frequently asked questions regarding these requirements, please visit here.