Customer Service Call Center

Direct access to trained professionals to assist employees with health-related questions and concerns

Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ in-house Customer Service Call Center is staffed with highly-trained specialists who support our clients’ employees and dependents with enrollment, claims, and billing assistance and other questions related to benefit plans.

Call Center representatives are available by phone Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) by dialing 1-866-KTB-SERV (1-866-582-7378), Prompt #1 or by email at

Our Call Center is able to answer questions in English or Spanish. Multi-lingual workforce? Kistler Tiffany Benefits can answer questions or handle open enrollments in multiple languages through our preferred translation service, Para-Plus.*


Some examples of how the KTB Serv team have recently assisted our clients and their employees. 


“An employee emailed KTB Serv because she was denied a medication to treat a chronic condition.  We placed a call to the carrier and learned that the prescription was denied because the medication required a pre-authorization. I was able to contact the provider and work with them to submit the prior authorization, which was approved by the carrier and the member was able to get the medication.”


“I received a call from an employee who needed assistance with a newborn delivery related claim that was processed incorrectly by the carrier. The claim was originally processed under the newborn and applied a 50% coinsurance, which caused the member to get a bill for almost $4,000.  I contacted the carrier on the employees’ behalf to explain that the services should be processed under the mother’s coverage and not the newborn. The carrier agreed and reprocessed the claim. The claim was paid at 100% since the employee had already met her out-of-pocket maximum for the year.”


“We received a call from an employee who received two bills for over $1,000 for a colonoscopy that he expected to be covered at 100%.  The providers had billed for a diagnostic colonoscopy instead of a preventive colonoscopy.  After several calls to the providers, the carrier and the billing offices, I was able to have the claims rebilled as preventive and paid at 100%.”


*Some services may involve an additional fee or cost.