Preventing Workplace Gossip During a Crisis

Preventing Workplace Gossip During a Crisis

Gossip is a reality in many workplaces and, when not adequately addressed, can impact company culture and employee morale. During a crisis, such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, leaders are challenged with maintaining positive employee morale while addressing current realities.

Employees know that a crisis can cause disruption, and they want to be aware of both the current and future impact of a crisis. These impacts can include:

  • What changes will take place at their workplace
  • The potential for layoffs or furloughs, if any
  • If and how long work-from-home measures will be in place
  • Any potential impact on total rewards

Should leaders fail to address their concerns, gossip can begin to serve as a source for employees seeking up-to-date information.

Employer Takeaway

Effective communication can help address employee concerns, reducing the risk of employees spreading or listening to rumors and gossip. To mitigate gossip, tips for employers include:

  • Address employee concerns transparently.
  • Use communication channels that reach all employees.
  • Equip managers with the knowledge to effectively discuss employee concerns.
  • Set expectations for employees.
  • Consider why gossip is occurring.

Every workplace is different, and employers should consider how communication initiatives will resonate with their employees. For more employee relations resources, contact OneDigital today.