Voluntary Benefits During the COVID-19 Crisis

Voluntary Benefits During the COVID-19 Crisis

While employees are staying/working home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, certain voluntary benefits are more valuable than ever.  The good thing is voluntary benefits can be open year-round, not just during open enrollment.

There are employee-paid voluntary benefits that may be helpful and employers may want to consider an off-cycle enrollment period. Voluntary benefits are often ignored because; employees are typically concerned with basic coverage during the annual open enrollment period. Doing an off-cycle enrollment will help them focus on just voluntary benefits.

Critical illness coverage, hospital indemnity plans and cancer coverage are just a few of the benefits employees may need to look at now. The first two are important for those worried about getting COVID-19.  Employees may also want to consider “buying up” their life insurance or disability coverage. The current situation brings into focus what is available and will be needed to protect employees and their families now and in the future.

We are providing telephonic support for enrollment to help employees select benefits that are appropriate for them.  Right now, employees are looking for human contact. When telephone appointments are scheduled at the employees’ convenience, they can have spouses or significant others on the call and have the opportunity to ask about health care needs and financial concerns specific to their families. It provides personalized support.

It may seem cynical or opportunistic to take advantage of this right now when so many employers are shutting down and employees are losing jobs.  For those employers staying open, it gives the employee an additional sense of security.

We believe in a comprehensive and innovative benefit package, especially in a multigenerational workforce. Just having core benefits does not work anymore. We demonstrate the importance of planning ahead for the unexpected and making sure you have peace of mind in case something does happen.”

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