Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ Scott Wham to Serve as Vice Chair of NAHU Legislative Council

Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ Scott Wham to Serve as Vice Chair of NAHU Legislative Council

Congratulations to Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ Director of Compliance Services Scott Wham, who was recently named vice chair of the National Association for Health Underwriters’ (NAHU) Legislative Council. Scott has been a member of the NAHU Legislative Council since July of 2018, working with fellow council members and federal legislators and regulators to advance national health care policy.

As vice chair, one of Scott’s primary responsibilities will be organizing the 2020 NAHU Capitol Conference, a three-day conference held in Washington, D.C., attended by more than 1,000 insurance agents. His term as vice chair will run through June 2020, upon which time he will assume the position of Legislative chair, leading the 14 member committee in various initiatives as well as working closely alongside the NAHU Government Affairs team.

“For the past six years, Scott has continued to impress us with his dedication and commitment to mastering the intricacies of health care law—something he does so passionately and enthusiastically—and delivering need to know information in a way that our clients can easily understand—no small feat,” said Joe Dowd, president of Kistler Tiffany Benefits. “His role on the Legislative Council has given him an incredible platform to advocate for the best interests of our clients and the benefits industry overall, and in turn, we often hear firsthand about planned regulatory changes. I have no doubt he will do a terrific job in his role as Vice Chair.”

More about NAHU’s Legislative Council

The Legislative Council works to develop and advocate for market‐based solutions to provide for continued and improved accessibility and affordability of health, disability, and long‐term care insurance, employee benefits, and other products designed to meet the health, financial and retirement security needs of the American people. The Council oversees grassroots initiatives and the advocacy of sound health policy throughout the legislative and regulatory process. For more information about NAHU, visit