Identity Theft: No Longer a Question of “IF” but “WHEN”

Identity Theft: No Longer a Question of “IF” but “WHEN”

Just ask the 9 million consumers who were ID Theft victims in 2015…or ask the employees of Main Line Health, Target, Walmart or JP/Morgan Chase all who had their identity breached in the first four months of 2016.

Identity theft occurs when thieves use your personal information (such as your Social Security number or your driver’s license) to gain access to money, credit, tax records or other goods in services in your name. Once it happens, without the proper help, it can take months or even years to get it straightened out, costing you a huge amount of time and resources. What’s worse, in the meantime, you can be left with no access to credit as credit card companies, banks, utilities (phone, cell phone, cable) and other financial institutions can cut off your credit accounts until your good name is restored.

ID Theft Assist, a Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ partner, can help protect your employees against identity theft with their unique “One Call / One Solution” for as little as $1.60 / week. Our job is simple. We provide 24/7 monitoring of your personal information to detect and or prevent identity theft. And not just credit monitoring, which represents less than 2% of the losses. If for some reason your identity is stolen, with one phone call, ID Theft Assist will resolve the issue and restore you back to where you were prior to having your identity stolen. We do it all and report our results to you…that’s all there is to it. No time chasing records, making phone calls, wasting time at work, calling the police, calling your bank/s and on and on and on…our “One Call / One Solution” package is the modern way to protect your identity.

Contact your Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ Employee Benefits Consultant if you would like more information or are interested in offering identity theft protection to your employees as part of your benefits package.

By Geoff Walker, President Innovative Benefit Solutions