DOL Updates Model FMLA Poster

DOL Updates Model FMLA Poster

Every employer covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) must display an informative general notice about the FMLA. Employers may use the Department of Labor’s (DOL) model FMLA poster to satisfy this notice requirement. Employers may also create their own poster, as long as the poster includes the information contained in the DOL’s FMLA poster.

In April 2016, the DOL updated its model FMLA poster. The new model includes most of the same information as the prior model, which was released in February 2013, but is reorganized to make it easier to understand. Covered employers may start using the updated model notice or may continue to use the prior model.

Employers that are subject to the FMLA should confirm that they have an FMLA poster displayed in plain view where employees can easily see it.

Employers using the February 2013 version of the model poster do not have to replace it with the DOL’s updated model. However, employers may want to make this switch if they prefer the updated model’s reader-friendly layout. Employers with employee handbooks that include the DOL’s model FMLA poster should also consider whether to update their handbooks with the new model.

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