Industry Trends: Let Us Give Thanks

Industry Trends: Let Us Give Thanks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?  Not quite.  Many employers are in the midst of the busiest time of the year – benefit negotiations, restructuring of plans, employee enrollment meetings, forms to be filled out, and paperwork to be submitted.

November is a great time to rethink how you show your employees appreciation and thanks as an organization.  When employees know that management appreciates them and the work they do, people are more engaged, loyal and productive.

Consider some unique benefits that can make a great work environment:

Flexibility – A great way to show appreciation to your employees is flexibility in terms of schedule, vacation and paid time off days, and even spending accounts.  Some companies are giving full-time employees as much time off as they want and full-blown expense accounts.  Some companies offer flexible hours that allow you to come in a little later one day, but make it up throughout the work week without repercussions.   With increased work demands and performance expectations, companies are realize that attracting and retaining key employees is critical to the success of the organization.

Office Benefits – Offering free drinks and snacks in the break room, a company gym or membership, or even company-sponsored sports events will show employees they are valuable to the organization.  Google is well-known for offering unique and rewarding employee benefits, and people love working there.  Creating that type of atmosphere does not necessarily cost a significant amount of money.

Company Outings — All work and no play makes companies unattractive to candidates.  Company outings are opportunities to have fun and show a casual side of a more formal workplace.  It is a great way to improve morale and show employees that fun can be had in reward for their hard work.

Growth Opportunities — Why stick with a company if you are never going to advance?  Sixty-six percent (66%) of employees don’t see opportunities for professional growth.  Knowing that there are growth opportunities within a company and there is potential to take advantage of them is a big reason to be thankful!

Of course, appreciation starts with a good benefits program (health benefits, retirement benefits, etc.), but there are so many ways we can modernize the benefits package to show our employees we are thankful for their hard work and effort in making the company great. As we push through the last quarter of another year (already), it’s important to bring light to the bright spots in our day and our employee’s day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your families, and your staff! Contact your KTB Agent or Account Executive to discuss various ways to refine and improve your group benefits package to show your employees how much they are appreciated.