Setting Goals for 2015

Setting Goals for 2015

What does your organization want to achieve in 2015? To make your organization successful, think about the company’s direction. Are your professional goals aligned with your organization’s goals? Goals should align with the organization’s mission and strategy. Do you have a clear understanding of what your manager expects from you in your role? Have you, as a manager, clearly communicated your expectations? By working with your manager to set your goals for the year, you have a better understanding of priorities and where energies should be focused. When setting goals, set SMART goals. This acronym stands for:

  • Specific – Have you clearly identified the “who, what, when, where and why” of what you wish to accomplish?
  • Measurable – What does it look like when you have achieved this goal? Include dates, percentages, etc. so that you can measure your degree of success.
  • Attainable – The goal should be challenging but achievable.
  • Realistic – Does this goal fit with the organization’s needs as well as mine?
  • Timely – The goals should have a deadline so that there is a sense of urgency and achievement.

By writing down your goals and sharing them with others, they become real and tangible. Once the goals are written and identified, an action plan should be put in place with steps and milestones so that you will see that you are making progress toward your ultimate goal. Set reminders to keep on track and review your goals regularly. Goal setting allows you to be pro-active rather than reactive. In closing, I would like to share a favorite saying of a former colleague that couldn’t be more appropriate — “Plan your work. Work your plan.”